If there's a genetic component to homosexuality, why wouldn't it die out? Obviously homosexuals are at a reproductive disadvantage. Will Saletan reports on an explanation that, like so many good bits of evolutionary logic, seems obvious once you've read it. By the way, if you are gay, your sister is probably easy.

Things I did not know until just now: In addition to starring in amusing silent films in which he hung from the hands of giant clocks, Harold Lloyd was also an erotic photographer.


Check out Gary Hart's very public application for a job in the Obama administration.


The Obama campaign is selling state-specific campaign T-shirts. Yglesias points out that D.C. gets jacked yet again. The weird thing, though, happens when you sort the shirts by "most popular": in the lead are Tennessee, Delaware, Kentucky, and Montana, in that order. It's hard to believe the electoral map is really that favorable.


This week's Vows column is kind of a doozy.


Does the blame for the conservative era belong with Ronald Reagan (and his John-the-Baptist, Barry Goldwater), as the wingers always claim, or with Richard Nixon, as Rick Perlstein's new book argues? TNR's Barron YoungSmith gives a well-reasoned answer.


It's been a while. Couple of links:

  • If you would like to listen to some nice songs, try Faded Paper Figures.
  • If you want to read a good column on Hillary Clinton, Joe Klein can oblige.
That is all for now.


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