I've stopped posting about each latest Bush-admin outrage, because, hey, what's the point? And yet somehow they continue to come up with these little meaningless rhetorical things that drive me fucking nuts. The latest: Peter Stamison, the regional head of the General Services Administration, was in San Francisco, along with Nancy Pelosi, for the ribbon-cutting of some new federal building. Outside a police barricade were protesters shouting "Impeach now!" and "How about cutting the funding for war?"

So what does this GSA dude have to say? He says, "I think we all as taxpayers — those of us taxpayers, as opposed to you people back there — are the ones that make this work."

In other words, that majority of the country that opposes the war and the administration obviously don't pay taxes, are criminals, have abdicated our rights as citizens, and can therefore justifiably be ignored.

Do I sound hysterical? I feel like I might be getting a little hysterical. It's just that this shit has been going on for a long time now, and I'm kind of losing it a little bit.