The New Yorker doesn't usually run straight-up takedowns of political figures, but Elizabeth Kolbert apparently just hates Rudy Giuliani. In the absence of any big new revelations (did you know the NYFD was using an outdated radio system on 9/11? Me too!), the best parts are where she just quotes the stupid shit Giuliani says on the campaign trail as though it consisted of meaningful English sentences rather than words strung together at random:

“The goals that we have, they’re big goals,” he said. “They’re very difficult things to do. They’re very difficult things to accomplish. And they’re things, quite frankly, that America in the past hasn’t been able to accomplish.

“There are some people who believe that this country is declining,” he went on. “There are some people who believe that we’re going in the wrong direction. Well, you know something? They’re wrong! And we can make them wrong, by making the right choices. By making the right choices about our leadership. Because this is about leadership.”