Y'know who rules? Brown University president Ruth Simmons. Back in 1992, when we were taking over buildings for need-blind admssions, then-president Vartan Gregorian was like, "We don't have the money," and we were all like, "It's a question of priorities!" and he was like "People give money for specific shit, like buildings with their names on them, and nobody wants to give money to let poor people in! You can't stick someone's name on the poor people!"

And then Ruth comes in and does need-blind admissions her first year as president. And does she stop there? The fact that you even ask that question demonstrates that you don't know Ruth Simmons very well. Now she's eliminated tuition for families making less than $60K.

What does she have to say about this? “Since 2001, Brown has made financial aid for our students one of our highest priorities."

Ruth Simmons, you totally rule.