Link rodeo

  • I'd always kind of wondered what "vetting" really entails. Clinton-era labor secretary Robert Reich explains.
  • Disappointment of the day: Seth Schiesel is down on Spore's gameplay.
  • Yglesias on "energy independence": "What you’re hearing here is a bit of political opportunism from progressives coming back to blow up in our faces."
  • "Low self-esteem, creative, not hard working, not gentle": What your musical taste says about your personality. (It seems to me that if they didn't correct for demographics, this study is basically worthless.)
  • Un-frackin'-believable experiment on the neurology of memory.
  • This is kind of fun! Maybe I should start a tumblr!
  • My last tumblr lasted exactly one week, but it may have been too narrow in focus to sustain my interest.