JSA #83

"Who's Afraid of Ghosts?"
Story by Paul Levitz, art by Rags Morales, Luke Ross, and Dave Meikis

A couple years ago the London Guardian, of all places, ran an interview in which DC president Paul Levitz wondered if he could still make it as a comics writer. "The writing's better" nowadays, he said. I thought this was a likeable attitude for a guy who is, after all, running the company.

Well, the jury is in: Paul Levitz should stick to running the company. Two points about this stupid comic: (1) it resurrects the team-book trope in which we see each member of the team having the same experience one after another, so the whole comic is the same three-page sequence over and over; (2) comic-book villains continue to advertize their presence to their enemies ("The Gentleman Ghost always warns ya when yer goin' ta die!"), and they continue to lose. This comic is why people think comics are for morons.