Nightwing #118

"The Gang's All Here"
Story by Bruce Jones, art by Joe Dodd and Bit


You know that moment in Crocodile Dundee where Crocodile Dundee meets some guy on a Manhattan street corner and then says, "I'll be in town for a few days -- I'm sure I'll see you around!" Well, that was a joke. And yet: Dick "Nightwing" Grayson has moved to Manhattan (his former city, which goes by the very realistic name of Bludhaven, was destroyed in Infinite Crisis), and: the girl he picks up in a bar happens to be some kind of metahuman; his friend Clancy happens to be at the same bar; she happens to know who the girl is; she happens to run into Dick on the street the next day; Nightwing happens to be around the corner when she's getting mauled by an escaped mental patient later that night.... This is Manhattan, guys. There's more than three people on it.

Also: Does Dick "I Used To Be Robin" Grayson, whose integrity and character clinched Batman's case in his argument with Superman-2 in Infinite Crisis, really hop in and out of bed with bar floozies? Should the villain really explain his powers to the hero in mid-fight? Can this comic get any lamer? I will not be around to find out.